How to install and download java

How to Download and install Java Development Kit(JDK)

Java Programming Technology Tutorials
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In here we going to show you, how to download and install the Java Development Kit(JDK) completely. But the concern, that computer able to keep multiple Java JDK version, but we suggest you keep only the latest one.

So, in here we Discuss about,

  1. How to Download Java.
  2. How to Install Java.
  3. How to Setup Environment variables.

1. Download and install Java

  1. Go to the link here, and select your operating system.

2. Accept the license agreement and click on download.

3. After download the file, run the .exe for install JDK. And click Next

4. If you OK with the default location, simply click Next or you can select the other folder destination for install Java and click next.

 5. After few minutes installation will complete then click Close.

2. Setting Environment Variables in Java

1.Right Click on the My Computer and Select the properties

2.  Click on advanced system settings

3. Click on Environment Variables

4.Click on new Button of User variables

5. Type PATH in the Variable name.

6. Copy the path of bin folder which is installed in JDK folder.

7. Paste Path of bin folder in Variable value and click on OK Button.

8. Follow the same procedure to set CLASSPATH.

9. Click on OK button

10. Go to command prompt

select operating systemf for install java

11. Type javac command on it.

If your screen show like this, Java is installed successfully. Don’t confuse with the text.

So, lets begin to coding.

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