Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed and published by CD Projekt. It is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on 19 November 2020. Adapted from the Cyberpunk franchise, the story takes place in dystopian Night City, an open world…

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October 21, 2020 | by

How to find the best Airflow case?

If we need to get maximum performance from the machine we purchased, we need to keep the temperature of it in optimal value.  Optimal temperature, what is that? The optimum temperature of any electronic device is the temperature at which the device can operate at its maximum. As the temperature of the electronic devices increases,…

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September 6, 2020 | by

What is Version control System..?

So, when we develop a program or some kind of app, we worked as a group. That’s a usual thing. Let’s imagine there are 3 people woks in the same project and they are in a different location in the world. Kasun from Sri Lanka David from the USA Mathew from the UK Here above…

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March 11, 2020 | by

Things you must know before start Programming

I think you are now satisfy with your first program. If you are not complete it, click here. but there are some things that you must know before start Java Programming, you have to study about these things, if not it may misguide you at some points. So, read this carefully. Man method Java main…

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March 10, 2020 | by

First Program in Java

In here we are going to test out first program in java. The things you need are, The Java SE Development Kit If you’re still struggling with installing Java, please check here. A Text Editor In here we going to use simple text editor which is free in all operating systems. Or else we can…

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March 6, 2020 | by

Blooming Beauty of Asia

Hill Country The University of Peradeniya is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the historic Senkadagala town. And this is one of the most beautiful and largest universities in South Asia. The University of Peradeniya, which consists of nine faculties, allows nearly 12,000 undergraduates to pursue their degree. Unlike all other universities…

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March 4, 2020 | by

The Art of Comforting the Mind

In common, man is called as a higher being. The human mind is vivid. But in the face of the current social complexities, personal mental health is deteriorated due to the social impact of physical activity such as overload, tiredness, lack of leisure, physical disorders such as physical illness. This makes it easier for you…

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March 3, 2020 | by