Who is Patient 31

Who is Patient 31..?

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Who is patient 31..? South Korea is the country where the virus first spread rapidly after China. But for some reason and that’s the “patient 31” story.

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As of February 18, the number of South Korean patients reported as one or two per day and recorded up to 30 patients. Then, a 61-year-old woman in Daegu becomes Corona positive as a 31st patient.

Don’t be Patient 31

That’s where the story begins. By February 28th, 31 patients would cross 1,000 patients in a matter of hours. When the 31st patient’s history is examined, they got shocked.

This woman was hospitalized after an accident on a February 6. After discharged from the hospital on the 7th and went to her favourite Shincheonji church. At that moment also she had a headache with the flu. But she didn’t concern much about that. When the fever is on the rise, the doctors have told you to rest. But, didn’t listen to them. And also, she didn’t attend the Corona test on Feb. 15. Thinking of a common fever and having lunch at a hotel with a friend, and again went to the prayers of a church Shincheonji with those symptoms.

According to the church’s founder, “being sick is not an excuse not to attend the prayer.”

Crowd hold by Shincheonji church

Crowd hold by Shincheonji church
Image from Hindustan Times

Maybe there was an influenced by the church to refuse to do the Corona test on February 15.

On 16th February she also went to the church. However, on that day there were over 6000 devotees in that church. And the prayer has been for at least two hours. As a tradition, devotees share their confectionery with each other and enjoy it.

By the way, she was seriously ill and admitted to the hospital on 17th February. On 18 she was confirmed as 31 Corona patient in South Korea. Since then, the number of reported cases has increased abnormally. About 1200 of those who attended the church prayer began to have a fever. Later, The church was close to the opposition that came to it. Authorities took a list of people who come to church and checked whether people are infected with the coronavirus separately.

After somehow, day by day patients are beginning to report who were infected by patient 31.

So, be kind enough to your government and relevant authorities to manage this plague.


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