History of nuga sewana - deniyaya central college

History of Nuga Sewana – Deniyaya Central College

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Deniyaya Central College is one of the leading school in Southern province which produced so many talented and proud citizen to Sri Lanka. And she was my first School, where I studied upto O/L. As a tribute to my school I think to publish this post.

History of Deniyaya

Sinharaja rain forest
Image from The Rainforest Ecolodge

During the region of King Keerthi Sri Mega Warnabhaya, Morawak korale which had a proud history and heritage gave protection to the secret tooth relic which is now kept in the temple of the tooth, in Kandy. The world heritage Sinharaja forest adds a unique worth to this region. The Sinharaja forest borders the Deniyaya town and the Gin ganga flows through the city. Overlooking our school which is built on an attractive hill. People have fortunate to have this school.

The missionary education which aimed at bringing forth of obedient people who were assisting the royal administration and embracing the western culture was strongly affected Deniyaya during the crown colony. At that time foreigners who dealt with the commercial crops such as Tea, Rubber and Cinnamon and the most of the native became Christians. This was one of the major reasons of missionary education. This was mainly felt during the first second third decades in the 20th century.

History of Nuga Sewana

Art by – Chathura Sampath Abeysingha & Umedha Swarnapali

The distinguish Buddhist citizens who realized the destruction which was occurring in the society form the first “Buddhist Society” in Deniyaya under the patronage of Ven. Beralapanathara Dhammarathana Thero. The chief priest of Sri Pushparama along with Mr. D.F.R Wijesekara.

Their main expectation was averting the destruction of the missionary education and enlightening Deniyaya through and education system which was suitable to the Buddhist ethic.

To make this expectation in to realistic they necessitated to erect school.  The main obstacle was finding a suitable location to erect it. A plot of land right in the center of the town which was owned by Mr. D.W.R Wijesekara, the brother of Mr. D.F.R Wijesekara the president of the Buddhist was donated and a building was constructed.

Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire and they had to search for a new location. Finally, Mr. D.F.R Wijesekara donated a plot of land called “Malgalla” inherited as family property to construct the school. With the support of the people a mud hut was built with a Batakola thatched roof, close to the Banian Tree (Maha Nuga Gaha). The leadership was given by Mr. D.F.R Wijesekara, the founder of the Buddhist Society and Ven. Beralpanathara Dhammarathana Thero.

It was decided by the patron, when Dhammarathana Thero and the Buddhist society to initiate the school programs appointing Mr. S. Subasingha (S.S.C. qualified) as the Head Master of the school. As a result, on 11th of March 1935 in the morning at an auspicious time Deniyaya Buddhist Mixed school was inaugurated amidst the chanting of Pirith Pan the blessings of the Buddhist priests in dominants the patron Ven. Beralpanathara Dhammarathana Thero.

Deniyaya Buddhist Mixed school began its existence with 30 pupils and Mr S. Subasingha was the principle and only teacher. Mr.D.F.R Wijesekara, the founder of the school acted as the manager. The path was not a bed of Roses. It was a harsh, unpalatable way due to obstructions, frights fear and assaultation. Mr R.C Kannangara helped the school a lot and if he had not elected to the state council the dream of the Central College would never come true.              

So, under the guideness of principals, teachers and also past pupil association, Deniyaya Central College became the best school in the region with the outstanding performances.             

College logo


  • 1935 – Mr. Subasingha S
  • 1937 – Mr. Kodikara M
  • 1939 – Mr. Karunanayaka DA
  • 1944 – Mr. Sumanasooriya KS
  • 1954 – Mr. Perera HP
  • 1956 – Mr. De Silva KMC
  • 1958 – Mr. Nelson Edirisooriya
  • 1959 – Mr. Abeygunarathna M
  • 1964 – Mr. Samarawera DDP
  • 1968 – Mr. Dharmasiri UAF
  • 1969 – Mr. Samarasekara NGK
  • 1970 – Mr. Epa WB
  • 1978 – Mr. Ubeysekara S
  • 1981 – Mr. Abewikrama S
  • 1984 – Ven Mawane Dhevanandha Thero
  • 1989 – Mr. Karunawathe AJP
  • 1990 – Mr. Kithsiri KLG
  • 1991 – Mr. Piyathissa WB
  • 1994 – Mr. Sunil Premanath
  • 2004 – Mr. Kandambi NH
  • 2011 – Mr. Hemapala DG
  • Present – Mr. Wikramasingha WA


  • Original script from – Deniyaya Central College –  Diamond Jubilee book
  • Translated by D.T Suranjanie
  • Image from The Rainforest Ecolodge

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